Planta Greenhouses

Our company offers greenhouses for sale across US and Canada. As our skids are extra large and many customers require tailgate delivery to the door, finding a good carrier has been our biggest struggle for the longest time. After trying a verity of carriers we decided to go a custom solution. We are using the bigger carriers to get our freight to the nearest terminal close to the customer, then, using the map features on locate a few carriers in the area and use one of them to make the final delivery.  We were able to significantly reduce our shipping cost and lead time using this website.


AZTECH Doors and Windows Hamilton

The fact that half of our product moves on heavy, oversize skids and the other half on A-Frames complicates things even more. When we started out, we mainly concentrated of serving tilt and turn windows market, as venturing beyond was a logistical nightmare. With the help of we were able to grow our business exponentially.